BM Daily Vocabulary Podcast Series Introduction

Greetings dear listener!  For all the enthusiastic English learners out there BM English Speaking Institute has a surprise. Before that, I would like to share something.

Our English learners had indicated that they wanted to build their vocabulary to impress their colleagues, seniors, friends, and relatives. Now, what is vocabulary? Vocabulary is a collection of words.

The learners also wanted to learn different words that can be used in different situations and also express different thoughts and ideas.


These words could be used in presentations, day to day discussions, telephonic conversation, audio/video conference calls and even for writing e-mails. Constructing simple sentences in English with difficult words has been a major challenge. Hey! its time for the surprise that you were waiting for.


In order to help you with the above-mentioned challenge, BM English Speaking Radio Channel is launching a series of 200 vocabulary podcast episodes. Podcasts are digital files that you can easily download on your cell phone, computer or even your laptop. You can listen to a new episode every day which will be released every day at 6 a.m. Indian standard time. You can listen, while traveling, cooking, walking, jogging or just while relaxing. This means learning at your convenience.

In these episodes, we will be covering 200 different advance English words. We will be including words like predominant, integrity, compel, etiquette, innovation, ambiguous etc.

And not simple words like exercise, traveling or viewing. The format of this podcast will be, first, we will mention a word followed by its meaning.


Later we will spell it out for you and then we will share 8 different sentences where you can hear the use of the same word in different scenarios (situations). Now, you will have a question, “How will I be able to reach this podcast? My answer to it is, visit our website and remember to subscribe so that you will be the first one to receive notifications the moment a new episode is uploaded.

The podcast will be uploaded at 6 a.m. India time, daily for 200 days at a stretch.

You heard it right, at 6 a.m. so that you can learn a new word at the start of the day to flaunt it during the day. We will upload our first word starting tomorrow at 6 a.m. India time. Well, enjoy learning. Remember, at BM English Speaking Institute, your success is our success.

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