10 Business English Phrases for Conference Calls

Business English Phrases for Conference

10 Business English Phrases for Conference Calls


Piyush: Are we all on the call?


Vishaal: Yes


Piyush: Who is this?


Vishaal: This is Vishaal.


Piyush: Which office are you from?


Vishaal: I am from Andheri office.


Do some members in your conference call speak like this? There is a certain language or terminology that has to be used in a conference call.


My name is Piyush Bhatia and I am the Founder and CEO of BM English Speaking Institute Pvt. Ltd. With me, we have Vishal Lazarus who is a Corporate Soft Skills Trainer and also a trainer with BM English Speaking.


Hi Vishal…

We welcome you to the Season 2 of BM English Speaking Radio Channel. BUSINESS ENGLISH.


Today is this 7th episode of Season 2 which is titled


10 Business English Phrases for a Conference Calls


So, tighten your seatbelts, and get ready to learn 10 Business English Phrases for Conference Calls.

Business English Phrases for Conference Calls :

1) What is the first thing I say when I join a tele or video conference call?

  • Introduction: This is Vishaal Lazarus – Trainer from the Mumbai Andheri office.

Business English Phrases for Conference Calls :

2) What should say if someone interrupts when someone else is speaking?

Block an interruption: “Sorry Rahul, could we let Tina complete, please?”

Business English Phrases for Conference Calls :

3) How do I ask someone to add something to the conversation?

  • Nominate a speaker: “Manoj in Delhi, do you have anything you’d like to add?”

4) What if I want to add something to the conversation?

  • Announce yourself: “This is Vishaal in Mumbai….Could I add something to the topic?”

5) What are some phrases to manage technical problems?

  • Someone is not loud enough: “I’m afraid we can’t hear you very well. Can you please speak up?”
  • A technical problem on your end: “I think there’s a problem with the line. We’re looking into it now. Please give us a moment.”
  • A technical problem on the other end: “Unfortunately we are unable to hear what you saying?”
  • Phrases for various events:

6) What do I say when I want the participants to discuss the next point?

  • The next point on the agenda: “Could we please move to the next point on the agenda, production costs? Tarun in Chennai, could you tell us something about the proposed numbers, please?

7) What if we need to introduce someone new in the room?

  • Someone enters the room: “One moment please, Neha from HR has just joined us.”

8) How do we ask for silence if we need to review a document?

  • A moment of silence: “Sorry everyone, we’re looking at the Excel Spreadsheets. Please give us a minute.”

Thank you, listeners, for being with us and as a bonus, here is a phrase to end a conference call.

  • We will circulate the minutes of the call within the hour. We appreciate each of you joining us from your locations.

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