10 Business English Phrases for Impressive Emails

Business English Phrases for Impressive Emails

10 Business English Phrases for Impressive Emails

1) Opening an Email

Let me introduce myself…

Thank you for taking the time to [write to us/give us some feedback etc — something the customer has done for us]


2) Explaining Why You’re Writing 

This email is to confirm that… (e.g. This email is to confirm that we’ve received your payment.)

I’m writing to remind you about…


3) Making a Request

We would appreciate it if you would …

Would it be possible to…? (e.g. Would it be possible to have a quick chat on Monday?) 


4) Talking about Problems and Solutions

What would you like us to do about [problem]?

Here’s how we would like to take care of this issue.


5) Asking for Clarifications

Could you please clarify what you would like us to do about [problem]?

If I understood you correctly, you would like us to…?


6) Asking Questions

When would it be convenient for you to …?

Would you prefer to…?


7) Call to Action 

Request you to please meet/call.

If you’re interested, drop me a line and we can


8) Giving Good News

It is my pleasure to let you know that [news]. 

I’m glad to tell you that… 


9) Giving Bad News

After careful consideration, we have decided (not) to …

Despite my best efforts, it has proved to be impossible to… 


10) Apologizing

I regret any inconvenience caused by…

Please accept my apologies.

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