10 Business English Phrases for Introductions

Business English Phrases for Introductions

10 Business English Phrases for Introductions
Purpose: The purpose of this Roleplay is to show listeners how to meet people for the first time. The conversation need not be long, but it can flow and be quite fulfilling if done correctly using Business English Phrases for an Impressive Introduction.


Vishaal: Hello, my name is Vishaal.

PIYUSH: Hello Vishaal, I’m Piyush.

Vishaal: Nice to meet you Piyush.

PIYUSH: What do you do for work Vishaal?


Vishaal: I am an English Trainer and I help students learn English quickly and easily. How about you Piyush? What do you do?


PIYUSH: I am a Business consultant. I help businesses increase their profits by creating efficient systems and processes.


Vishaal: Wow. That sounds interesting!


PIYUSH: Where do you teach Vishaal?


Vishaal: I train students at BM in Andheri, and my students are from all walks of life.


PIYUSH: How long have you been doing that for?


Vishaal: I have been training for 3 years now. How about you? Where are you based?


PIYUSH: I am based in Mumbai, India. My clients are based all over the country; however, most of them are in Mumbai.


Vishaal: Do you have a Business card? I’d like to contact you to help me get more business.


PIYUSH: Sure! Let’s have a conversation and see if we can work together. Give me your card also. If any of my clients are looking to improve their English I will send them in your direction.


Vishaal: I appreciate that very much


 Piyush. It was great to meet you.


PIYUSH: Same here, I will shoot you an email so we can schedule a meeting.


Vishaal: Thank you. Take care.



10 business English phrases for impressive introductions I have used in This episode.


  1. Nice to meet you: Means you are glad or happy to meet the other person.
  2. I am an English Teacher and I help students learn English quickly and easily: When you use a complete phrase like this, it shows fluency. Don’t just say your company and designation.
  3. That sounds interesting: This shows you are listening to the speaker and if you are interested in the conversation, he will continue to talk with you.
  4. all walks of life: This means people of all ages from all backgrounds.
  5. been doing that for This means the person is still at his current job and you want to know from how many years he has been there.
  6. Where are you based: With this, you are asking which city or area the other person’s office is in.
  7. I’d like to contact you to help me get more business: Simply means that you would like to work with this person and help each other out.
  8. Send them in your direction: Which means “I will send them to your office”
  9. I appreciate that very much: A better way of saying “Thank you”, especially if you are talking to a foreigner.
  10. schedule a meeting: Means, let us set up a time and date for a meeting to discuss business.


These are 10 business English phrases that you must use at conferences in order to get more contacts for your organization.


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