10 Business English Phrases for Marketing Professionals

Business English Phrases for Marketing Professionals

10 Business English Phrases for Marketing Professionals

Hello listeners, idioms and phrases in Marketing can really help us impress our managers and customers.

It is important to use them as the customers then understand that we know our product well and are more convinced to purchase.

In the following conversation, we have added some idioms and phrases. Listen and read from the transcript.



Piyush: Hello Vishaal, times are changing and digital media is taking over, so, we need to make changes across the Board in our marketing initiatives.


Vishaal: Yes, I think we need to bank On the advantages of our online training team. We can create World class content in English to help English learners.


Piyush: Each trainer must bring something to the table and we should target a specific segment, especially those who need our English Training expertise.


Vishaal: yes, for example, your idea of podcasts is gaining popularity and has gone Viral.


Piyush: In the long run, it should help us land many new customers and Season 3 of our podcasts is in the works


Vishaal: It should pay off and will help us position BM English Speaking on the map of institutes worldwide as we have crossed 5000 downloads.


Piyush: Most of our English learners are sold on the podcasts and our biggest selling point is our word of mouth marketing so we need to provide the best quality content on our radio channel and our subscribers will enjoy learning from the same.



Alright listeners, were you able to notice all the phrases that we used?


Let’s have a quick recap of the phrases we used with the context and the sentences they were used in.


1. Across the board

Definition: Applying to all.

Example: we need to make changes Across the Board to our Marketing.


2. Bank on

Definition: Rely on (confidently).

Example: we need to Bank On the advantages of our training.


 3. Bring something to the table

Definition: To provide a useful or helpful addition.

Example: Each trainer must Bring something to the table.


4. In the long run

Definition: Over a long period of time; eventually.

Example: In the long run it should help


 5. In the works

Definition: In the planning stages.

Example: Season 3 is In the works


6.  Land (an account)

Definition: To sign a new client.

Example: help us Land many new learners


 7. Payoff

Definition: The return on an investment or on a bet.

Example: should Pay off and


8. Put (something) on the map

Definition: To make a product famous.

Example: Put BM English Speaking on the map of Classes worldwide.


9. Sold on

Definition: Convinced of.

Example: learners are Sold on the podcasts.


10. Word-of-mouth marketing

Definition: A type of marketing that relies on advertising through conversation. The company creates the initial “conversation” about the product and attempts to make this conversation spread.


Example: Our Word of mouth marketing.


10 Business English Phrases for Marketing Professionals

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