10 Business English Phrases for Meetings

Business English Phrases for Meetings

Business English Phrases for Meetings

Piyush: Hi Vishaal


Vishaal: Hello Piyush, thank you for setting up the meeting so quickly after our Introduction a few days ago.


Piyush: No problems, It’s just that we had to hold this meeting on a Saturday.


Vishaal: That is not a problem


Piyush: So, let’s call this meeting to order as we are all here now. I would like to open the meeting by welcoming you to our office.


Vishaal: Thank you.


Piyush: Where did you tell me you worked as a Trainer?


Vishaal: Well, I work at BM English Speaking Institute as a trainer.


Piyush: What all training do you’ll conduct?


Vishaal: We train learners in all aspects of English. Speech, Vocabulary, and public speaking. We also do personality development.


Piyush: So, I would like to lay a proposal on the table. In my organization, I would like to train my managers. Can I send them to you?


Vishaal: Absolutely, however, we can also send a trainer to your company if that is easier for you.


Piyush: That would be great. Let set a follow-up meeting to discuss the details.


Vishaal: Sure, I will circulate the agenda so that we can have a better discussion.


Piyush: Great and I will have someone send you the minutes of this meeting for your records.


Vishaal: Thank you. Shall we adjourn this meeting for today?


Piyush: Yes.


Vishaal: Thank you for your time. It was great to see you again


Piyush: Same here. Goodbye.



  1. setting up the meeting: to make arrangements for a meeting
  2. hold this meeting: to conduct a meeting
  3. call this meeting to order: to start a meeting
  4. to lay a proposal on the table.: to present a matter for discussion
  5. follow-up meeting: to set up the next meeting.
  6. circulate the agenda: to distribute a list or other information about what will be discussed in a meeting
  7. the minutes of this meeting: the details of a meeting
  8. adjourn this meeting: to end a meeting
  9. run a meeting: to conduct a meeting
    eg: My boss is able to run a meeting very well
  10. open a meeting- to begin a meeting
    They opened the meeting by welcoming the new guests

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