10 Business English Phrases for Sales Professionals

Business English Phrases for Sales Professionals

Business English Phrases for Sales Professionals

Vishaal: Hello Piyush. I am sure you have heard of BM English Speaking.


Piyush: Not really.


Vishaal: Well, we are a company that specializes in English Training. We have a line of products that are suitable for all your needs.


Piyush: Tell me a little more


Vishaal: Well, our training solutions range from classroom training to one on one, to Business, Leadership and Corporate training.


Piyush: How expensive are these training? Budget is a constraint.


Vishaal: We aim to come in low so that we can fit any budget you may have.


Piyush: So did this low price help you corner the market?


Vishaal: We focus on our customers and coming down in price was one way to show our preferred customers that we care about them.


Piyush: Oh Wow. So your company must have good contacts to get business.


Vishaal: Yes, we generate almost all our business through references and hence we don’t need to make cold calls to get more business.


Piyush: Great. So tell me, do you ever need to make hard sell.


Vishaal: Not really. It’s not difficult to move our products. In fact, our “practice at home” Cue Cards sell like hotcakes.



  • line of products
    – a group or category of products that are similar to each other
  • come in low
    – to offer a low amount price for a product or service
  • corner the market
    – to dominate a particular market with your product
  • come down in price
    – to lower the price of one’s product, to become cheaper
  • preferred customer
    – a customer who does much business with you and who you give special discounts to
  • have good contacts
    – to know people who can help you get a job or do some kind of business
  • make a cold call
    – to visit or telephone a potential but unknown customer from a list of people
  • a hard sell
    – a way of selling something that is very aggressive and uses much pressure
  • move a product
    – to sell a product
  • sell like hot cakes
    – to sell very quickly


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