200 BM Daily Vocabulary #112 | breakthrough


Today’s word is Breakthrough. The breakthrough means an important discovery or development that helps to improve a situation or provide an answer to a problem.


In this English vocabulary lesson, you will learn how to use the word breakthrough. We are sure that this ESL lesson will help you to enhance your English vocabulary and speak English fluently and confidently.


The word breakthrough expresses an important event that helps to solve a problem or improve the situation. For example, using fingerprint analysis in the field of crime investigation was a major breakthrough in the seventeenth century.


Listen carefully on how we can use the word breakthrough in 8 different situations in 8 different sentences.


Example number 1 of 8: The newly launched drug for the treatment of diabetes is a breakthrough in the field of medical science and will benefit millions of patients globally.


Example number 2 of 8: The cold drinks were earlier sold in glass bottles. The use of plastic bottles for selling cold drinks was a breakthrough in the field of sales and distribution.


Example number 3 of 8: You must have seen or visited an ATM. Till a few years ago, people used to stand in queues at the banks to deposit or withdraw cash. The implementation of ATMs was a breakthrough in banking services and it facilitated efficient customer service.


Example number 4 of 8: In 1957, Russians launched the first artificial satellite in space. Four years later, a Russian astronaut went into space by spacecraft. This was a first breakthrough for the space mission and it gave a thrust to space programs of other countries.


Example number 5 of 8: The whole town was shocked to know about the murders of an elderly couple. After a week of detailed scrutiny, the police announced a major breakthrough in the investigation. They had tracked the location of the prime suspect through his mobile phone.


Example number 6 of 8: Maganlal was running a shop selling sweets. He was doing average business. Once, he set up a small stall to sell freshly made Indian snacks near the entrance of his shop. This was a great breakthrough for his business and it increased the overall profitability.


Example number 7 of 8: In 1954, the first kidney transplant was carried out successfully. This was a phenomenal breakthrough in the field of organ transplant.


Example number 8 of 8: Sheeba was unable to clear the interview for a public service examination twice. She watched several videos about interview techniques and realized that she lacked the required verbal communication skills. She worked diligently on this and got a breakthrough in her next interview.


Today we learned the word breakthrough which means an important discovery or development that helps to improve a situation or provide an answer to a problem.


Can you frame 3 sentences with breakthrough and type in the comments box? We are waiting.


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