200 BM Daily Vocabulary #44 | distress


Today’s word is: distress –The meaning of “distress” is: pain or suffering experienced by body or mind, a state of danger or desperate need, the state of being in extreme danger and needing urgent help, a state of extreme sorrowsuffering, or pain.


In this English vocabulary lesson you will learn how to use the word distress. We are sure that this ESL lesson will help you to enhance your English vocabulary and speak English fluently and confidently.


Rita and Janet would always score a distinction in all the exams. However, Rita would always score higher than Janet. In the 10th standard exams, Janet scored higher than Rita and she felt really sad that she came second in her school. This means that Rita was really distressed.


Listen carefully how we can use the word distress in 8 different forms in 8 different situations.


Example number 1 of 8: Clifton was an excellent football player and he represented his college in the state level tournament. Just before the tournament, he met with an accident and was unable to play. This caused him severe emotional distress.


Example number 2 of 8: Molly was appearing distressed since the past few months. When her boss enquired with her, she said that her husband had lost his job. He was jobless for three months. This was the cause of her distress.


Example number 3 of 8: A bank robbery was taking place. The staff and customers were taken hostages and were made to sit in the bank manager’s cabin. While the robbers were not paying attention, the bank manager pressed the distress button that was hidden under his table. This alerted the police and they came to arrest the robbers.


Example number 4 of 8: Jim’s distress was rising as the second quarter was approaching its end. Do you know why? Well, he was the head of the sales department and his team had not performed well in the first quarter. If their performance did not improve soon, his appraisal might get impacted.


Example number 5 of 8: The whole school had been decorated beautifully. After all, it was their annual day. Everyone was excited but the principal, Mrs. Desai, was distressed. The function was about to begin and the chief guest had not yet arrived. This had made her anxious.


Example number 6 of 8: Joy healthy foods was quite popular as their food was of excellent quality. One day, someone complained about a problem in the quality of food and they had to close down their business. This put the company through a lot of distress.


Example number 7 of 8: All the actors where highly distressed as the theatre had been closed permanently and they had lost their jobs.


Example number 8 of 8: The fast pace of modern life leads to distress amongst a large number of people. Psychiatrists and counselors are trained to guide such people so that they can live a normal life.


Today we learned the word distress which means – pain or suffering experienced by body or mind, a state of danger or desperate need, the state of being in extreme danger and needing urgent help, a state of extreme sorrowsuffering, or pain. Can you frame 3 sentences with distress and type in our comments box? We are waiting.


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