200 BM Daily Vocabulary #121 | versatile

Today’s word is: versatile. Would you like to know what it means? It means: to be able to do multiple things efficiently; to be able to adjust to multiple conditions, something that can be used for different purposes, having multiple skills.


In this English vocabulary lesson, you will learn how to use the word versatile. We are sure that this ESL lesson will help you to enhance your English vocabulary and speak English fluently and confidently.


The word versatile means to be able to do multiple things efficiently or something that can be used for different purposes. For example, MS Dhoni is a versatile cricketer and can play as a batsman as well as a wicketkeeper.


Listen carefully on how we can use the word versatile in 8 different situations in 8 different sentences.


Example number 1 of 8: Kishore was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the music industry. He is considered to be a highly versatile musician who performed as a singer, lyricist, and composer.


Example number 2 of 8: A team leader prefers to have team members with versatile talents or qualities. Such members can manage multiple tasks efficiently. This helps him to assign multiple responsibilities to one person.


Example number 3 of 8: The potato is considered to be one of the most versatile vegetables. It is used in a wide range of dishes across the globe.


Example number 4 of 8: Designer Shawn presented his latest creation, a designer jacket to the audience. It can be worn on various occasions in different weather conditions. People really loved its versatility.


Example number 5 of 8: Danish joined the Navy training academy. There, he went through rigorous training for two years. This made him a versatile Navy officer who could handle multiple tasks flawlessly.


Example number 6 of 8: The bamboo is considered to be a versatile material in the construction industry. It offers strength as well as the flexibility to the structure.


Example number 7 of 8: The trunk is an elephant’s most versatile organ. It is used for breathing, smelling, touching as well as for producing sound.


Example number 8 of 8: The coaching class owner wanted to conduct music, Yoga as well as hobby classes in the same premises. Hence, he asked the interior designer to prepare a versatile design that is suitable for all requirements.


Today we learned the word versatile which means to be able to do multiple things efficiently; to be able to adjust to multiple conditions, something that can be used for different purposes, having multiple skills.


Can you frame 3 sentences with versatile and type in the comments box? We are waiting.

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