Personality means a person in reality. It is a combination of the most vital aspect of the person’s life. Persona means a mask that people wear to make themselves stand different from the crowd. We often say that “A’s” personality is somewhat similar to “B’s” personality, but in the true sense, no two people have a same personality, not even identical twins.


Develop your Personality

1. Possess a Positive Attitude– Everyone dislikes to be surrounded with negative people or energies. Become a creator of Optimistic thoughts. A person possessing positive attitude is always considered to be having the most dynamic personality . Positive  attitude is the most important factor of a person’s personality . Positive attitude plays a vital role in deciding the success of  an individuals professional and personal life . A person might acquire different set of skills and techniques but positive attitude adds spark to the skills of a person .


For instance : Two participants need to climb a mountain which is 50,000 ft. in height and are provided with clips ,ropes and all the necessary equipments for climbing but here positive attitude plays a very important both the  participants have the same technique ,judgement  and  skills but the one with positive attitude will wins because he had faith in himself from the start to accomplish the task that YES I CAN . while the one who fails would always look towards the task and think with doubt that Can I ?? The positive attitude of  a person hence plays a major part of  his/her success.


2. Effective communication

Communication plays an important factor in building relationships with people .  A person in any field or any designation right from a student or an executive to a manager needs the best communication skills for  presenting himself , developing business ,negotiating with clients . Communication is not only how a person speaks but it  is how a person presents himself  communication includes appearance of a person , listening skills , understanding skills which when put together present him/her as an effective communicator or a pleasing personality.


3. Appearance

Appearance is the most vital aspect of a person’s personality. Appearance the word itself explains that it is the first impression of any particular object or person coming into sight. Appearance plays a part in creating  an image of a person before communication  . Reflection of a persons personality is completely dependent on his/her appearance. A perfect  body structure and appropriate dress code adds a perfect appearance  to the personality of a person.


  • 4. Understanding /Listening skills
  • Listening is considered the most u

nderrated aspect when it comes to personality development but the opposite is true . Being an active listener Is all about self control , Good communications can be started by a speaker but to make the conversation interesting the speaker has to be a good listener . It is very important for the speaker to listen and understand the conversation and hence give a view on it which would  create a  create a lasting impression on the public .

Developing an Effective personality requires the different aspects of  Positive attitude ,Effective communication, Appropriate appearance , listening skills  that when put together  creates an excellent persona  .