Learn to speak English at just 199/- ✔

Learn to speak English at just 199/- ✔

Some of you may not buy-to this statement. 199/- rupees will seem too little for learning something new in today’s time.

And you may even doubt the credibility of our course. But there’s a purpose behind that pricing.

In fact, I deliberately wanted to the price our complete English course at 199/- Why? Because I want to target a specific group of people. 🎯

These are people for whom the world doesn’t innovate much, and leave them to their own.

You can call them, “The bottom of the pyramid people” or simply, “people from the poor socio-economic background.” The price of our course had to make economic sense if we wanted them to learn English.

And trust me, such people are very high in numbers. ⬆ If we can reach them, and make them learn English, their standard of living will improve.

And our goal will be accomplished. 😊 entrepreneurship english learning


About Piyush Bhatia

After more than 16 years of corporate experience in investment banking and equity research departments of DSP Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, and ICICI Securities, Piyush embarked on his entrepreneurial path with BM English Speaking.

“At Merrill Lynch, I had observed that English and Communication helped me get promotions on time and grow my career. As I participated in programs by Landmark Education, I observed that people were hesitant to come and speak, on the mic, or to groups of people in English. I knew that speaking English and expressing their thoughts was much easier than they thought.

English language skill helps a job seeker to clear interviews, get promotions, increments and career growth. Well, this would bring prosperity to 1 crore Indians families. Hence on February 4, 2004, I resigned from my job at DSP Merrill Lynch and set up BM English Speaking Institute Pvt. Ltd.”

A result-oriented, passionate and innovative entrepreneur, an excellent leader, a visionary, a role model for the students and a powerful trainer are a few qualities that describe Piyush Bhatia.
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