Everything you need to know about Mirror Practice

One fine day, I was conducting a seminar on personality development. During the Q&A session, a learner named Ashish Naik woke up and asked a question. A question on which everybody laughed in the class. His question wasm “Sir, I am a big fan of Shahrukh Khan. How can I become confident, fluent and look presentable like Shahrukh so that I can be famous? ” Think for a moment if you have also asked or thought about the same question. Everybody today wants to be confident, fluent and look presentable.


I used just two words to answer his question  – “MIRROR PRACTICE

All the great actors, politicians, businessmen and public speakers use this technique. The good news is, everybody can get the benefits of practising in front of a mirror.


Now, let’s get back to Ashish Naik’s question. In his question, he asked the way to become more confident, fluent and look presentable.


Let us see why and how mirror practice helps

Why it works –

Develops Your Confidence

When you practice in front of the mirror every day, you know how you look, how you talk and what facial expressions while talking. You can work on these things in advance. This way, you will not waste your time in anything else. When your mind is free, and you know what you are doing, you will automatically become confident.


Develops English Fluency

Everyday mirror practice will bring you closer to the English language. In mirror practice, speak about everyday activities of your life. Talk about topics you use generally. This way you will learn how to make frame regular sentences. Practice in advance will clear your doubts and polish your English. As the result, you will save a lot of time and become fluent in the English language.


Develops Your Personality

Mirrors Help You See What You Look Like.  You can sit or stand in front the mirror and observe your body language. Nobody knows how you want to look better than you. So be your own guide. Observe your posture, your gestures, your dressing and everything else. Then make the changes accordingly.


How to do it?

Start with 3 minutes of mirror practice.  For one week, take out 3 minutes every day and stand in front of the mirror. Look at yourself and smile 🙂 Now start speaking. Speak whatever your heart says. You can speak about yourself, your loved ones, your colleagues, your life and much more. After a week, increase the time you spend in front of the mirror. Make it 5 minutes. Increase the time every week. The more time you spend in front of the mirror the better. Soon you will realize that something has changed. Now you are more confident. Now you do not think too much while speaking. You meet people with a smile and a positive attitude. The benefits are never-ending.


Still need inspiration to start?

Here is one of the most powerful person in the world, Adolf Hitler, practicing in front of the mirror.


WE, at BM English Speaking training centers know the importance of mirror practice. Do you know the best part? We have installed a large mirror in each of our classrooms. You get a chance to speak in front of the mirror everyday. Want a bonus? Here it is –  Our highly skilled trainers also observe you and tell you the areas of improvement. So the benefit is double. So what are you waiting for?


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