250 VOCABULARY Phrases and Idioms

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Some of the key features of this workbook are:

There are many reasons we should keep on developing our English Vocabulary. Some of the reasons are:

Self Expression: A set of new words helps a speaker or writer express thoughts more accurately and creatively.

ComprehensionWhen others are speaking phrases and idioms that the listener or reader does not understand, it is quiet embarrassing. Hence knowledge of vocabulary used in certain culture and groups helps one to understand much better.

Increased Engagement: You are updated with the latest phrases which gives you an advantage to influence and create the right impression.

Key highlights of this book are:

250 Latest Vocabulary: We have put together well researched 250 latest phrases and idioms that are used in business environment these days. These will equip you to be confident and create the right impression in your presentations, meetings, conferences and emails.

Explanations and Examples: You would like to know what do these phrases mean and where to use them. We have used a simple language to explain and day to day business examples which will further help you understand them better.

Workbook Format: We believe just knowing vocabulary, phrases and idioms is not enough. You also need to frame sentences and hence we have designed this Vocabulary, Phases and Idioms in workbook format. There is a space to frame two sentences on each one.

About the Author

Piyush Bhatia is a Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer, Founder & CEO of Communication Skills Training Institute and has conducted Corporate Trainings for 125+ Clients. He has more than 24 years of experience as a Trainer and has conducted 1000+ Effective Communication Skills, English Speaking, College to Corporate, Personality Development, Business English and Email Drafting Workshops. His Interview Training Videos on YouTube have more than 5 million views.