“There’s no age limit of learning, the only thing that matters is passion.”

“There’s no age limit of learning, the only thing that matters is passion.”

This quote has been proved right once again. 💪 Judhiya Baiga, an 80 years old tribal woman from Madhya Pradesh, India decided to learn painting at the age of 70.

And 10 years later, at the age of 80, her art is sold in Milan & Paris among world-renowned artists. Her art has traveled to some of the world’s best art galleries and given her the exposure she deserves. 🖼

“Painting takes me to a world where I am free as a bird, ” said Judhiya in an interview. 🎨

She believes that there is always something left to learn and there’s no substitute for hard work. We should all learn from Judhiya that there’s no age limit to learning. Skills can be learned and excelled at any age, the only thing that matters is passion.

What do you believe?

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There’s no age limit of learning, the only thing that matters is passion

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