Advanced English Speaking Course

Who is This For?

This is an ideal course for people who know the basic use of the English language, including reading and speaking the language and are looking at developing a greater command over the English language. We are always offering professional English Speaking Classes Online.

 Those Changing Jobs
 MBA Admission Seekers
 Abroad Study/ Job Aspirants
 Freshers Looking for a Job
 Job Seekers
 Promotion Seekers
 Mothers of School Going Children
 College Students
 Middle Level Managers

Course Objective

Create a new identity for yourself as a confident, assertive, and a fluent English speaker.

 Easily converse and express yourself with everyone in English
 Speak with correct grammar and enhanced vocabulary
 Clear interviews and group discussions with Confidence
 Get Your Dream Job
 Use English phrases and idioms to impress your clients and managers
 Write emails and reports that clearly communicate your message
 Leave an impactful impression in meetings, business interactions, and presentations.

It is a complete course in English fluency that helps you be effective in business interactions, interviews, presentations, emails and day to day formal communication.

Advanced Grammar

Strengthen the Foundation of Grammar. This brings an end to all your grammatical errors with the help of interactive grammar sessions, grammar activities and games and tenses quiz. Frame English sentences like a pro as you learn 12 tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, adjectives, articles, word order, and letter writing.

Sentence Formation

Frame grammatically correct sentences. Master the art of real life sentence structure with the help of interactive sentence structure games and activities.


Speak with a neutral accent. Remove your local language accent /mother tongue influence while speaking in English and speak English with correct pronunciation. Learn all this by participating in a lot of fun filled tongue twister activities and competitions.

English Fluency

Speak English like your mother tongue by participating in various activities, role plays, flow talk, debates, speeches and speech competitions. All these activities monitored by a certified English trainer. Get personalized feedback and specific suggestions from the trainer for improvement, corrective action plan for all your mistakes.

The Art of Public Speaking

Remove your stage fear of speaking in English to groups of people. Practice public speaking 30 times in the course to develop confidence . Be the kind of excellent communicator you always wanted to be by starting to speak on prepared topics and then moving on to extempore speeches.

Body Language

Master perfect body language. Learn the right and appropriate body posture, eye contact, facial expressions, hand movements and body movements when speaking in public and delivering presentations. Get the trainer to correct your mistakes in body language, learn the right gestures, postures, facial expressions and body movements in Public Speaking, while delivering presentations and during interviews.

Group Discussion

Learn the 15 elements required to successfully clear GD (Group Discussion) round in an interview. Some of the elements are opening the discussion, listening skills, use of examples, raising a question, handling disagreements, presenting a proper conclusion. In the 10 GD practice sessions, the instructor will identify your weak areas and assist you in improving you. These sessions will also improve your performance in Business Meetings and Conference Calls.

Confidence in Spoken English

Get the complete confidence in speaking in English. This you will learn by practicing speaking in front of your trainer with complete guidance. Being with a group of individuals who are learning to speak English like you, will give you the comfort of learning in-spite of making mistakes. Joining a class will give you a platform for developing confidence.

Communication Skills

Become an effective communicator with the help of certified corporate trainer and improve your spoken English, Listening Skills, Soft Skills and Personal Effectiveness. All these skills you will develop by participating in communication games and activities like Chinese Whisper, Onion Ring, real life speaking practice and mock telephonic conversations. You will achieve effective and impressive communication by practicing speaking in English in various formal situations like mock meetings, interview conduct, presentations and writing emails.

Business Vocabulary

Learn 500 business English vocabulary and use it in your day to day communication. The list of impressive words we have chosen for you are the words which senior professionals use in meetings, presentations and conference calls. We have developed a special 500 vocabulary workbook for you so that you add 10 vocabulary words by framing two sentences on each word.

Personality Development

Understand 8 elements of a well-developed personality; elements like confidence, grooming, communication, voice modulation to name a few. You will take part in intensive personality activities which will completely change the way you dress, speak, express your thoughts in English and make you a confident personality.

Voice and Accent

Develop a quality voice by improving your voice pitch, voice pace, voice pause and voice modulation. The fun-filled voice modulation activities will help you be effective in your English communication. Also, neutralize your spoken English and completely remove your mother tongue influence. Speak like a global citizen such that any international professional understands the English that you speak on phone or in person or when you visit any country.

Mastery in Interviews

Understand the entire interview process so that you are well equipped to clear all the steps from drafting a professional CV, to preparing for an interview, answer basic interview questions, tricky questions and how to ask questions at the end of your interview. A series of mock practice of various situations in interview are practiced with the trainer. This will help you clear any interview with confidence. We call it a Get Your Dream Job training.

Email Drafting

Equip yourself with the basics of drafting professional emails like following email etiquette, how to write effective subject lines, salutations, writing correct grammar, use of bullet points, charts and tables, opening and closing of an email. Real life email writing practice sessions followed by detailed corrections by certified trainers will help you write emails that will impress your managers and seniors.

Presentation Skills

Deliver 20 presentations in entire course and get a feedback on your various aspects of an effective presentation like structure of the presentation, opening – body and closing, use of examples and case studies, body language, facial expressions, voice modulation and confidence. The trainers will give you personalized feedback after each presentation with customized solution for improvement areas. These sessions will ensure you learn to deliver impactful presentations with ease.

Role Plays- Enacting Real Life Situations

15 Sessions of Real-life Conversation Practice: Face various life situations through role plays to learn ways to communicate under various circumstances. Converse fluently and confidently even under unusual situations, starting from within the classroom to real life experiences.


Groom your English to Corporate English Communication, Get English Speaking Classes Online:

 Master the art of framing grammatically correct sentences in English
 Get the promotion you deserve
 Create a powerful impact when speaking with groups of people
 Learn to speak in a neutral accent and eliminate Mother Tongue Influence ( MTI)
 Understand UK/US/ Australian accent
 Master the art of etiquette of professional email writing
 Deliver effective presentations and creating an impact on the audience
 Impress senior management in meetings and presentations
 Communicate and express ideas, suggestions or analysis using business English vocabulary

When it comes to the corporate world, you will be able to communicate and express your ideas, suggestions, or analysis with confidence. Further, you gain mastery over the art and science of writing effective business emails and the basic etiquette of professional email drafting. Your choice should be English Speaking Classes Online. It will save your time as well.

Why Us?

 British Council Certified Trainers
 Activities and Games Based Learning
 Regular Tests
 Personal Attention
 Structured Course
 Daily Speaking Practise
 10 Interview Practice Sessions

At a Glance

Course Duration

1 Month – Daily 1 Hour Batch


3 pm to 4 pm

9 pm to 10 pm



Key Highlights

Live Online Training
In a group of 5 to 10


  Prashant Shah: +91 70219 02113

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