What is the fees?

Fees ranges from Rs 6,000/- to Rs 20,000/- for different courses. We need to check your English level, assess your requirements and then suggest a course. The course fees depend on your level, objective and duration of the course.

Which is the closest center to my place?

You can select any location of our training centre in Mumbai, which is close to your workplace or home.
#Dadar, #Andheri, #Borivali, #Thane
All training centres are right opposite the station.


You can also take benefit of our training as we provide:
# Personal Training at our centre, your home or office
# Corporate Training for your organization
# Online Training at time and location of your convenience

How will I know which course is
suitable for me?

Once you come to our training center, our certified trainer will take your English test – both oral and written. Trainer will share your report card with the center manager. You can then discuss your requirement and current level and arrive at a conclusion. You also will have an option of attending a demo session.

I don’t stay in Mumbai.Can you still train me?

Yes. You can get group or personalized training via different Online platforms like Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp Video Call. Book your free demo of Online Course here.


Our Certified English Professional Trainers will train you for all the courses we offer.

Can I get a free demo session?

Yes, we do provide a free demo. Please select a location and time suitable for you. We have Weekdays, Saturday or Sunday batches. You can choose to come any one hour from 7 am to 9 pm. You can attend a session, inform the trainer about your requirement and experience how you can learn English with us.

What is the profile of the English language learners?

We have separate classrooms for Basic Course, Advanced Course and Business English Course. In our institute you will find that professionals, students and housewives are learning English. Your batch will have learners who have similar level of English Fluency.


In case, someone is not in that level, we will transfer him/her to a suitable course.

Is there placement facility available?

Course with Jobs in Call Centers | Back Office | BPOs | Banks | Corporates


We publish vacancies with corporate companies regularly at our training centers. You can get ample job opportunities.

What is the course URL?

Basic English Speaking Course

Advanced English Speaking Course

Personality Development Course

Corporate Training

Train The Trainer Course

Learn English Online

Voice And Accent Course

Email Writing Course

Ielts Coaching Mumbai

Business English Course

Have you anytime got media coverage?

India’s top most media channels and newspapers, including Times Now, Zee 24 Tas, DNA, The Economic Times, Mumbai Mirror have covered success stories of BM English Speaking Institute. You can read the articles here.

Do you have a personal trainer facility?

Yes. We offer personal training facility at our centers or at your home / office. You can also avail of personal training online on Skype / Zoom / WhatsApp Video call.

Do you have online training?

Yes. You can choose to take online training. Professional trainer will train you at your convenient time. Visit our Online Training page for more details.

Is there a crash course available?

Yes. In case you need to complete the course in shorter duration, we offer you a crash course. Speak to your Center Manager any of our centers.

After completing the course will I get a certificate?

Yes. You can see a sample certificate by clicking here.

What if I miss some sessions?

You will be given a course material with a list of topics to be covered. You have to maintain a list of sessions that you have attended. After you complete your course, you can talk to trainer and check about the sessions you have missed. All our trainers maintain a list of topics covered in each session. You will have to attend those sessions and that will be taken care of.

Will you teach me
a) Letter Writing
b) American Accent
c) British Accent
d) Business English
e) Letter Writing
f) Email Drafting

For any of your course requirement, the trainer will sit with you personally and train you specifically on required topic. For letter writing and email drafting, you need to write it and get it checked by the trainer.

What are the batch timings?

At any of our training centers, you can attend a one hour batch:


Weekday Batches – Monday to Friday

7am to 8am
8am to 9am
9am to 10am
10am to 11am
11am to 12noon
12noon to 1pm
1pm to 2pm
2pm to 3pm
3pm to 4pm
4pm to 5pm
5pm to 6pm
6pm to 7pm
7pm to 8pm
9am to 12noon
12noon to 3pm
3pm to 6pm
6pm to 9pm
9am to 12noon
12noon to 3pm
3pm to 6pm

What is included in the course fees?

The course fee includes course participation fees, a course kit which consists of a grammar book, a course material for reading practice and a Vocabulary book with exercises.

What is the guarantee that I will learn in three months?

BM English Speaking conducts 100% activities based trainings. You will be giving 100 speeches in front of people and our trainer will correct and improvise your English – grammar, pronunciation, voice, fluency, body language, eye contact, presentation and communication. Because of practice that too with a professional correcting you, there is 100% guarantee that you will learn. But for any reason, you do not get that fluency in two months, we will take a test and we will extend your training.

Others are charging very less fees why is your fees more than others?

The quality of our training matches our charges. You may attend any one of our session to judge the quality of our training. We will respect your judgment.

I don’t have time, what should I do?

You don’t have time because you have more work than you can manage. Once you develop your English communication skills – in less time you will become more productive. Then you will have time for family and personal growth.

I am from vernacular medium. Do you think I can cope up?

Yes. 80% of people participating in our courses are from vernacular medium schools. Trainers will translate in Hindi whatever you don’t understand. If you speak in Hindi, trainers will translate it into English and guide you.

I am not confident. Will I be able to learn?

Our trainers will start your session from where you are and slowly develop your English and your confidence. For one or two days, you may take time to get comfortable but once you give 3-4 public speaking sessions, your confidence will automatically increase. By the end of 30 public speaking sessions, you will have enough practise, correct grammar, fluency and most important the confidence to speak in English in a group.

Where are your training centers located?

In Mumbai we have four Training Centers – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar and Thane. All opposite railway station.

The center is very far from where I stay. Do you think it is worth it?

I can understand that you stay far from the centre. But do remember this is just a one-time investment of your efforts, time and money and will help you substantially in the long run – in succeeding in interviews, getting promotions, speaking in groups, in banks, airports, over phone, to principals, open house meetings etc. Most of our students travel from far since they are sure they are getting excellent quality of training. Moreover, they want to undergo English Fluency Course only once and get guaranteed results.

Since our course in fully practise-oriented every session you participate will take you way ahead in your English Communication Skills.

What if I attend different batches?

We will be giving you a list of sessions to be attended. You have to note the number of the grammar lesson and topics covered. Remaining topics can be covered in the end.

When does your course start?

Every day, Every hour. Since in our course, trainer will everyday prepare you to speak on a topic, ask you to speak and will make corrections in the same, with different topic taken every hour, each session is different and not related to any other session. So you don’t miss anything. Yes, if you attend all the sessions in the same batch till 40 hours, you cover all the topics in one shot.

Who will teach me?

We have a team of British Council and Dale Carnegie certified professional trainers. All of them are minimum graduates and are Public Speaking and Communication Skill Trainers with minimum 5 years of training professionals, students and housewives.

My English is fine. I don’t need grammar sessions. Do you have such a course?

We agree that you are confident about grammar, but our experience of training over 3,50,00 professionals tells us that the fundamentals of English grammar have to be clear when a person is developing English Communication Skills.

Can I pay in instalments?

Fees can be paid in 2 installments or 3 installments in case of extreme difficulty. No admission to any student by paying less than Rs 2,500/-

Can I pay in cheque/ Google Pay/ BHIM / Pay TM?

Yes you may pay through any of the above mode of payment. Cheque to be in favor of BM English Speaking Institute Pvt. Ltd.

Can I complete the course in 1 month? 2 weeks?

Yes you can. You have to attend a total of 40 sessions. So you may attend 2-4 hours every-day and complete the course. You have to keep a track of what sessions you have attended for best results.

What is the course duration?

Duration of the course depends on your English level and requirements. Standard course duration is:

Basic English Course: 3 months, 1 hour daily, Monday to Friday. (Weekend option also available.)

Advanced English Speaking Course: 3 months, 1 hour daily, Monday to Friday. (Weekend option also available.)

Business English Course: 3 months, 1 hour daily, Monday to Friday. (Weekend option also available.)

IELTS Course: 3 months, 1 hour daily, Monday to Friday. (Weekend option also available.)

Learn English Online: One month, one hour daily, Monday to Friday

Train the Trainer Course: 30 Hours

Why should I pay GST?

We are genuine tax payers and we are covered under GST. Hence, it is mandatory to pay GST as per government rules.

What should I buy when I join the course?

The entire tools required to master speaking English are provided by us, the moment you join. A grammar workbook, a course material and a Vocabulary book containing entire course material – which will be your friend and companion for entire life will be given to you. It is called a Course Kit. You need to come with a notebook and a pen.

What are the course contents?

Basic English Course Advanced English Speaking Course Business English Course
Reading Grammar Practice Functional Grammar
Comprehension Public Speaking Business English Vocabulary
Basic Vocabulary Group Discussions Report Writing
12 Tenses in English Role-Plays Business Email Drafting
Sentence Structure Audio – Video Training Effective Presentation Skills
Self -Introduction Body Language with Video Recording Confidence in Communication
Thinking in English Personality Development Voice Modulation Techniques
Introduction to Public Speaking Email Drafting Pronunciation Accuracy
Writing Basic Sentence Confidence Building Speech Structure
Confidence Building Presentation Skills Use of Visual Aids
10 Simple Speaking Topics Voice and Accent Understanding US/UK/Aus Accent
Letter Writing Mastery in Interviews Neutral / Global English
Business English Personal Grooming
Corporate Etiquettes
Interview Conduct