Personality Development Course

Who is This For?

 House wives
 Job Aspirants
 MBA Students
 College Students
 Junior Executives
 Admission Seekers
 Promotion Seekers
 Middle Level Managers
  International job seekers
 Mothers of school going children
 Girls relocating abroad for marriage
This is an ideal course for people who know the basic use of the English language and want to now work on their personality so that they can confidently interact with others.

Course Objective

Our course is structured to help you meet the challenges that you face in presenting yourself as a confident and assertive person in any environment. We help you to change the way people perceive you and look at you by helping you. Learn to English Speaking today!

  Groom your personality
  Develop the correct body language
  Strengthen the power of your voice
  Build an assertive and impressive attitude
  Capture attention and impress with ease
  Learn attitudinal behaviour and interpersonal skills

Personality Development

Understand 8 elements of a well-developed personality; elements like confidence, grooming, communication, voice modulation to name a few. You will take part in intensive personality activities which will completely change the way you dress, speak, express your thoughts in English and make you a confident personality.

Personal Grooming

Learn the do’s and don’ts of grooming your personality which includes the right dressing, importance of accessories, acceptable colour combinations of accessories, grooming and hygiene habits, difference between formal wear, party wear and casual wear. This training will help you to groom your personality.

Voice Modulation Techniques

Develop a quality voice by improving your voice pitch, voice pace, voice pause and voice modulation. The fun-filled voice modulation activities will help you be effective in your English communication. Also, neutralize your spoken English and completely remove your mother tongue influence. Speak like a global citizen such that any international professional understands the English that you speak on phone or in person or when you visit any country.

Power Dressing

Know what you wear for a very important meeting or interview or a presentation. Learn the different set of dressing rules for men and women. Power Dressing sessions will prepare you to create the right impression in your social and professional circles.

Telephone and Social Etiquette

Know the 12 telephone and social etiquette to followed when you interact with internal & external customers, important business meetings, formal social gatherings and informal interviews.

Confidence in Communication

Get the complete confidence in speaking in English. This you will learn by practicing speaking in front of your trainer with complete guidance. Being with a group of individuals who are learning to speak English like you, will give you the comfort of learning in-spite of making mistakes. Joining a class will give you a platform for developing confidence.

Powerful Body Language

Master perfect body language. Learn the right and appropriate body posture, eye contact, facial expressions, hand movements and body movements when speaking in public and delivering presentations. Get the trainer to correct your mistakes in body language, learn the right gestures, postures, facial expressions and body movements in Public Speaking, while delivering presentations and during interviews.

The Art of Public Speaking

Remove your stage fear of speaking in English to groups of people. Practice public speaking 30 times in the course to develop confidence . Be the kind of excellent communicator you always wanted to be by starting to speak on prepared topics and then moving on to extempore speeches.

Impressive Communication Skills

Become an effective communicator with the help of certified corporate trainer and improve your spoken English, Listening Skills, Soft Skills and Personal Effectiveness. All these skills you will develop by participating in communication games and activities like Chinese Whisper, Onion Ring, real life speaking practice and mock telephonic conversations. You will achieve effective and impressive communication by practicing speaking in English in various formal situations like mock meetings, interview conduct, presentations and writing emails.

Effective Presentation Skills

Deliver 20 presentations in entire course and get a feedback on your various aspects of an effective presentation like structure of the presentation, opening – body and closing, use of examples and case studies, body language, facial expressions, voice modulation and confidence. The trainers will give you personalized feedback after each presentation with customized solution for improvement areas. These sessions will ensure you learn to deliver impactful presentations with ease.

Pronunciation Accuracy

Speak with a neutral accent. Remove your local language accent /mother tongue influence while speaking in English and speak English with correct pronunciation. Learn all this by participating in a lot of fun filled tongue twister activities and competitions.

Business English Vocabulary

Learn 500 business English vocabulary and use it in your day to day communication. The list of impressive words we have chosen for you are the words which senior professionals use in meetings, presentations and conference calls. We have developed a special 500 vocabulary workbook for you so that you add 10 vocabulary words by framing two sentences on each word.

Understanding US/UK Accent

Familiarize yourself with English spoken by professionals from various countries and cultures. You will be participating in very interesting US/UK/Aus listening skills activities and the trainer will guide you to understand different accents and develop powerful listening skills.

Neutral / Global English

Speak with a neutral accent. Remove your local language accent /mother tongue influence while speaking in English and speak English with correct pronunciation. Learn all this by participating in a lot of fun filled tongue twister activities and competitions.

Business Email Drafting

Equip yourself with the basics of drafting professional emails like following email etiquette, how to write effective subject lines, salutations, writing correct grammar, use of bullet points, charts and tables, opening and closing of an email. Real life email writing practice sessions followed by detailed corrections by certified trainers will help you write emails that will impress your managers and seniors.

Corporate Etiquette

Learn the right method to exchange business cards, different kinds of handshakes, right body language, corporate mannerisms, culture sensitization and business meeting etiquettes. These sessions will enhance your image in a corporate work environment.


Learn to English Speaking & Develop an overall vibrant and sharp personality as we help you to:

 Discover the art of small talk
 Learn to develop a healthy rapport with anybody of any age bracket
 Be a communicative individual by learning to control your temperament and being out-spoken
 Build a wonderful edge and a razor-sharp yet approachable outlook to life and people
 Develop skills to evaluate one’s personality and understand personality traits
 Get a clear picture about attitudinal behaviour and interpersonal skills
With this course, you return with a boost in your confidence level and morale along with enhanced clarity in communication.

Why Us?

 Certified Trainers
 Activities and Games Based Learning
 Personal Attention
 Structured Course
 Grooming Tips
 Confidence Development

At a Glance

Course Duration

3-hour Batches
– 9 am to 9 pm (Saturdays)
– 9 am to 6 pm (Sunday)


36 hours
Every Saturday / Sunday
12 Saturdays / 12 Sundays


  Prashant Shah: +91 9167771936

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