IELTS Coaching Mumbai

Who is This For?

 Abroad Studies Aspirants
 International Job Seekers

Course Objective

Clear your IELTS with flying colors and achieve your international career dreams! Our IELTS Coaching focuses on:

 Understand all aspects of an IELTS Test
 Acquiring one-on-one English speaking skills
 Sharpen your knowledge with mock test trackers
 Focus on the most important parts of the tests
 Learn lesser-known techniques to clear IELTS test questions
 Gaining mastery over vocabulary required to clear IELTS test
This course opens up an avenue for you to apply confidently abroad for study, work, or a visa.


  • Learn to read critically
  • Demonstrate more advanced dictionary skills
  • Learn intense reading and fast reading techniques
  • Distinguish between ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘not given’ answers
  • Understand the IELTS reading test and types of questions
  • Learn the latest reading strategies to save time and get accurate answers


  • Understand various accents
  • Interpret context in conversation
  • Capture extract key points from an oral speech
  • Learn to listen, read, and write at the same time
  • Listen for a more detailed understanding of the text
  • Learn key listening techniques to increase your score
  • Know the basics of the IELTS listening test and tricky situations


  • Practice IELTS speaking topics
  • Understand IELTS speaking tasks
  • Learn how to speak in the long run
  • Develop an IELTS speaking vocabulary
  • Acquire techniques to speak using a grammatical range


  • Learn to write an essay
  • Write effective formal letters
  • Know the IELTS writing tasks
  • Reconstruct a text from written notes
  • Edit and correct your own written texts
  • Learn to analyze graphs, charts, and tables
  • Practice how to write the summary of a text


At the end of this course you will find yourself:

 Having a command over grammar rules
 Speak confidently in all IELTS Speaking tasks
 Develop a high reading speed and comprehension skills
 Getting access to 25 insider secrets to crack the best scores
 Being well versed with tips, techniques, and tricks for higher scores
 Completely familiar with general and academic aspects of IELTS tests
 Learn to read charts, graphs and write IELTS tasks to a score high band
 Enhance your understanding of various accents for listening tests
 And most important, help you clear all the four modules of the IELTS test
It is a course that thoroughly prepares you to face any IELTS question with ease and conviction.

Why Us?

  Reasonable price
  More than 100 mock tests
  Section-wise repeated training
  British Council Certified Trainers
  Proven track record of results delivered
  Test scores are tracked for each mock test for further guidance
  Course corrections as mock test score training starts from day 1

At a Glance

Course Duration

20 to 30 hours
depending on participant requirement


As per participant availability


  Prashant Shah: +91 9167771936

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