Basic English Course

Who is This For?

 Job Seekers
 School Drop outs

English speaking courses ideal courses for people who want to learn the basics of the English language. It will help you to speak basic sentences, write letters/invoices/cheques, understand spoken English, and clear interviews for executive jobs.

Course Objective

We focus on one key result – on your growth to confidently speak the basic English language. This course will help you to

 Speak basic sentences in English
 Understand day-to-day English
 Write letters and emails with ease
 Reduce your fear to speak in English
 Face Interviews with confidence

Reading Skills

Daily reading activity for 15 minutes so that you listen and speak correct English

English Comprehension

While reading or speaking understand meanings of words, grammar and sentence structure

Basic Vocabulary Words

A special 250 Vocabulary workbook helps to develop basic English vocabulary

Write Basic Sentences

Pratice to write short sentences in English in order to start writing in English

Basic English Grammar

Learn the basic English grammar rules so that you frame grammatically correct sentences

Understanding the 12 Tenses

Know the all basic forms of tenses – past, present and future tense in simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous forms

Sentence Structure

Master how to form a sentence i. e. subject, verb and object. Also learn subject verb agreement.

Self-Introduction in Different Situations

Practise 20 times how to talk about yourself in an interview, meeting, discussion and a presentation

Thinking in English

When you think in mother tongue and speak in English you may get fillers in your speech. In order to speak fluently in English, develop the habit of Thinking in English.

Mirror Practice to Increase Confidence

Famous actors and personalities have used mirror talk to develop confidence in communication. Practise in front of mirror to improve your English confidence.

Confidence Development

When you do any activity any number of times, you develop confidence in that skill. With the help of our master trainers and variety of speaking activities, develop your confidence.

Basics in Public Speaking

Practise standing in front of a group of people and learn about speech topics, body language and how to speak fluently and clearly.

10 Topics to Improve Your English

It is an opportunity to speak on 10+ topics in English and get a feedback on your mistakes in Spoken English.

Letter Writing – Formal and Informal

Learn to write letters / emails for daily office situations like applying for a job, leave application, filing a complain or sending a quotation


A result-oriented course, it helps you improve the skill to express ideas with clarity, confidence, and correct English.

 Increase your vocabulary.
 Understand English spoken by others.
 Learn to pronounce English words correctly.
 Know words that make every day communication easy.
 Understand the basic English grammar rules and sentence structure.
 Develop confidence to answer questions in interviews.

Communicate and speak English accurately and fluently whether it’s a meeting, party, social function, or office.

Why Us?

We offer you English Speaking Courses which is required to express yourself in correct English with confidence and clarity

  Personal Attention
  Regular Tests
  Daily Speaking Practise
  10 Interview Practice Sessions
  Confidence Development Games
  Structured Course

At a Glance

Course Duration

1 Month – Daily 1 hour Batch


3 pm to 4 pm

9 pm to 10 pm


Key Highlights

Live Online Training
In a group of 5 to 10


  Prashant Shah: +91 70219 02113

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