Basic English Grammar Workbook

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Some key features of this book are:

Learn with Pictures: You would like to learn basics of English Grammar by looking at how it is used in day to day life. Well, we have added a lot of pictures which help you see the real application of the same.

Start with Any Chapter: A lot of time, English learners prefer to focus only on certain aspects of English grammar. We have divided Basic English Grammar into individual chapters. The learner has a choice to study any individual chapter and move to any other chapter. It is not necessary for you to use this grammar book from start to end.

Basic and Advanced Examples: English is used mainly for work and it is also being used in day to day life. We have chosen examples which are both for daily interactions and also for work related situations. An effort has been made to use a bit advanced vocabulary to keep you interested in learning new words.

Hindi Language: A Basic English learner needs the support of one language to learn a new language. In India most common language is Hindi and we have used that as a medium to explain some basic grammar terms. We are sure the use of hindi words will help you.

About the Author

Piyush Bhatia is a Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer, Founder & CEO of Communication Skills Training Institute and has conducted Corporate Trainings for 125+ Clients. He has more than 24 years of experience as a Trainer and has conducted 1000+ Effective Communication Skills, English Speaking, College to Corporate, Personality Development, Business English and Email Drafting Workshops. His Interview Training Videos on YouTube have more than 5 million views.