Train The Trainer Course

Who is This For?

 Team Leaders
 Internal Trainers
 Department Heads
 Coaches and Mentors
 Trainers seeking upgrade
 Aspiring Corporate Trainers
 Females restarting their career

Course Objective Of Train The Trainer Course

To develop presentation and international corporate training skills in you and launch you as a Corporate Trainer. This course enables you to:

 Get the best out of all participants
 Manage time efficiently in training
 Carry out engaging and compelling workshops
 Design training modules that stimulate learning
 Be a powerful speaker who influences the audience
 Present the material with confidence to large groups of trainees
 Use humor, ice-breakers, and stories through tried-and-tested techniques
 With ease conduct interactive sessions and manage all types of participants
 Know how to identify training needs such that your course creates an impact
 Train on modules like soft skills, personal effectiveness, leadership, team building, communication

Class Control

Manage your participants with ease and get the best results from the training you conduct.

Use of Visual Aids

Present your training material using various visual tools.

Design Course Plan

Know how to create a course outline that meets the training objectives.

Methods of Training

Learn about different training methodologies.

Humour in Training

Become an expert at creating light moments during your training.

7 C’s of Communication

Sharpen your communication skills by enhancing the 7 elements.

Training Need Analysis

Conduct a detailed survey before you design the course.

Power Presentation Skills

Master the art of delivering presentations that create an impact.

Pre and Post Training Plan

Leave a mark by preparing yourself well in advance using the checklists we provide.

Design a Training Proposal

Use the ready format given by us to draft a proposal for training.

Confidence in Communication

Develop confidence to speak to a large group of audience.

Training Content Development

Enhance your research skills and know how to create content for various topics.

Training through Story Telling

Know how to use story technique in your training to generate a desired result.

Voice Modulation Techniques

Speak in a tone that improves your message.

Games and Activities in Training

Master the art of conducting 100+ activities, games and much more.

Personal Branding on Social Media

Benefit from our tips to create a brand and generate business leads for your training services.

Scope and Size of Training Industry

Understand various opportunities for you as a trainer.

9 Methods for Trainers to make money

Explore how as a trainer you can encash your skills online and offline.

Managing various challenging situations

Become confident at going beyond the challenges that you may come across.

Teacher v/s Trainer v/s Facilitator v/s Coach

Distinguish between a the skills of each.

Benefits of  Train The Trainer Course

 Conduct effective interactive sessions
 Acquire training pedagogies and methodologies
 Enhance your training quality with feedback tools
 Tackle the most difficult participants and situations
 Freelance/ Full Time/Corporate Training Assignments
 Ready to use Training Manuals with 100+ training activities
 An Opportunity to shadow a trainer in a corporate training assignment
 Create course structure and training modules based on student’s requirements
 A complete guide to create a presence and generate leads through social media
 A Corporate Train the Trainer Course Completion Certificate from India’s Most reputed Training Institute
 Conduct 10+ Training Activities in a live classroom followed by constructive / detailed feedback on training skills
With this course, change lives by being an empathetic trainer with a positive attitude and a positive body language.

Why Us?

  Structured Course
  Personal Attention
  Certificate on completion of Train-The-Trainer Course
  Assured job and freelance corporate training assignments
  Conducted by Dale Carnegie Certified Corporate Trainer
  Mock Training Sessions and Shadow in a Corporate Training
  Ready to use 100 training modules with activities, games and handouts

At a Glance

Course Duration

30 hours
Online and Personalized One to one Training Options also available


12 sessions of 3 hours, Saturday and Sunday
Next Available Batch: Starts every month
Batch Size: Maximum 10 participants

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