Got Promotion

Dear all, I want to share my experience today with all.I joined BM classes for improving my english speaking skills .It is helped me a lot to boost my career goals .day by day i started gaining confidence on speaking.finaly it is recognized by our CEO of company who is resident of America.he given compliment that i have improved consistenly on my speaking and writting skill.I m awarded from company for outstanding perfomance and achieving business goals .Speacial Thanks to BM classes and Jayshree madam for helping to achieve my career goals.


Mamata Kapse

Got promotion after a long time because of improvement in my communication skills and I am also transferred to the south Mumbai branch of my company where I have to deal with clients in English.


Bipin Singh

It is always encouraging that we are recognised for our work. I got promoted as Manager for my team. In this achievement my trainers at BM English Speaking Institute have a lions share. Before joining BM, I was not confident of speaking in English but after joining BM; I count myself lucky, I got an awesome trainer and such course content that changed my life completely. All the activities in classes helped me to be always vehement at my workplace. Trainers direction and advice have been extremely beneficial to me. This has helped me to build my professional strengths, and to increase my efficiency in weaker areas. I am using all this vocabulary that I learnt at BM!
Thanks you so much , for all of your help. I am truly grateful for your support.


Kirit Prajapati

It was a privilege joining the most renowned communication skills training classes, BM English Speaking Institute. It was one of the incredible decisions in my life for climbing up at the peak on the career ladder with tremendous confidence and accuracy!!!


Ashish Garg

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