Voice And Accent Course

Who is This For?

 CEO / Director
 International Job Seekers
 Aspiring International Students
 Promotion Aspirants
 Professionals with International Aspirations
 Managers who interact with foreign clients / partners
 Ambitious working professionals
 International Call Centre Job Seekers

Course Objective

Understand US/UK/International English, eliminate mother tongue influence (MTI) and learn to speak in reasonable international accent. The focus of the course is on:

 Speak in neutral accent
 Develop a neutral accent
 US/UK/Aus Culture Sensitization
 Eliminate mother tongue influence
 Adopt to global English pronunciation
 Modulate your voice to create an impact
 Develop accurate intonations for a particular accent
 Distinguish between various English dialects and key regional phrases
 Understand English spoken in different international accents (US/UK/Aus)
This course will enhance your English and prepare you to become global citizens.


Distinguish the tonality of words spoken in various dialects.


Learn the key to speak any language correctly. Emphasis on the 19 vowels and 24 consonant sounds.

Eliminate MTI

Neutralize your spoken English and completely remove your mother tongue influence. Speak like a global citizen such that any international professional understands the English that you speak on phone or in person or when you visit any country.

Clarity in Speech

Achieve complete clarity in speech with the help of intense vocal exercises.

Culture Sensitization

Familiarize yourself with key differences and the way in which citizens and professionals in various countries communicate and interact, acceptable and non-acceptable behavior and norms, basic legal aspects and other acceptable social etiquette.

Breathing and Posture

Improve your speech delivery with the help of various breathing techniques and posture combinations.

Spelling and Sound Rules

Learn the impact of change in spellings and sound rules of the different countries across the globe.

Mother Tongue Interference

Eliminate the impact of native language on your Spoken English with the help of 100 plus tongue twister activities, voice techniques and drama based training methodology.

Voice Modulation Techniques

Develop a quality voice by improving your voice pitch, pace, pause and voice modulation. The fun-filled voice modulation activities will help you be effective in your English communication.

Master Pitch, Pace, and Pause in a Speech

Develop the art of vocal variety to enhance your message – using a lot of voice techniques used by international speakers, trainers and singers.

American English v/s UK English v/s Australian English

A lorry in US is called truck in UK. Learn 500 such distinctions in English phrases, vocabulary and idioms in American/UK/Australian English.

Reproduce and recognize received pronunciation sounds

Learn to accurately pronounce words spoken in different countries.

Benefits of Voice & Accent Training

At the end of the course with enhanced self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence, you will be:

 Speak with greater authority and vocal presence
 Speak with the correct rhythm and stress patterns
 Listen more intently and grasp information accurately
 Follow the correct sounds and structures of English words
 Articulate the various international English accent correctly to avoid uncertainty
 Understand grammatical and pronunciation errors influenced by the native tongue

Why Us for Voice & Accent Training?

  Structured Course
  Result oriented training
  Speaking Practice in each session
  Activities and Games Based Learning
  Personal Attention to each participant
  Conducted by Senior Corporate Certified Trainers

At a Glance

Course Duration

36 hour every Saturday / Sunday
12 Saturdays / 12 Sundays


Weekends: 3 – hour Batches
9 am to 12 noon (Saturdays)
9 am to 12 noon (Sunday)

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