Advanced English Course Workbook

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Some of the key features of this workbook are:

Visual Learning: In order to make sure that Advanced English Workbook learners find it interesting and relevant, our creative team has included a lot of line drawings. This also makes the learner visualize application of workbook rules in day to day situations.

Start with Any Chapter: A lot of time, English learners prefer to focus only on certain aspects of workbook. We have divided the subject into individual chapters. The leaner hence has a choice to study any individual chapter and move to any other chapter. It is not necessary to use this workbook from start to end.

Formal & Informal Examples: English usage is extremely important in Business Communication. It is also gaining importance in day-to-day informal interactions and written communication. We have chosen a right mix of formal and informal examples – both in explanation and exercises. We have also attempted to use business vocabulary and phrases so that in addition upgrading their vocabulary and Business English. Functional Workbook: Spoken English development requires learners to focus on some selected aspects of topic. Due care has been taken to keep the focus of the book limited to certain aspects of English situation which is necessary and sufficient for spoken English learners.

About the Author

Piyush Bhatia is a Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer, Founder & CEO of Communication Skills Training Institute and has conducted Corporate Trainings for 125+ Clients. He has more than 24 years of experience as a Trainer and has conducted 1000+ Effective Communication Skills, English Speaking, College to Corporate, Personality Development, Business English and Email Drafting Workshops. His Interview Training Videos on YouTube have more than 5 million views.