Who is this for
english speaking classes online
VPs and General Managers
Job Seekers who
Freshers who are
Young adults who areac
Young adults who areac
Teachers who are

Who is this for


VPs and general managers

Job seekers


Young adults



Employees who need to…

Communicate effectively with international employees

Need to interact on phone, video call and emails with
international delegates

Conduct video conferencing calls with global counterparts

Understand the culture and accent of people of other countries

Lead teams and sharpen up their vocabulary and communication skills

VPS and general managers
who needs to…

Migrate to foreign country

Improve their presentation skills

Enhance their business English or vocabulary

Effectively communicate in written as well as verbal interactions

Neutralize their accent by removing mother tongue influence

Job seekers who…

Need to clear job interviews

Aspiring for a high paying job

Applying for an international job

Striving for promotions or internal job postings

Freshers who are…

Between the age group of 21 to 35 years

Students from vernacular medium schools

Youngsters aspiring to work with corporates

Brand conscious and want an upscale lifestyle

Ambitious, have high aspirations, and are open to learning

Participating in activities involving interactions with people

Young adults who are…

Go-getters and have high aspirations

Between the age group of 15 to 21 years

Applying for MBA institutes or B Schools

Aspiring to go abroad for higher studies

Either from vernacular or English medium schools

Actively involved in various people-centric activities

Homemakers who are…

From vernacular medium schools

Teaching English to their young kids

Interested in becoming PTA members

Keen to impress their friends and relatives

Keen to learn with their children and grow

Interacting with their child’s class teachers

Interested to polish their English speaking skills

Learning to express themselves in social gatherings

Teachers who are…

Interacting with the management in English

Teaching vernacular language at international schools

Interested in speaking English more confidently and fluently