5 Tips to Speak Like an American

5 Tips to Speak Like an American

5 Tips to Speak Like an American

I want to speak like an American, is it easy?

Speaking with an American accent can be hard for many reasons but the biggest challenge for some English learners is because certain sounds in Spoken American English are not found in other languages (and vice versa). For us Indians, we need to master certain sounds that Americans have that we don’t have. (Because our accent is closer to the British accent.


How can I speak like an American?

You need to Master 5 Sounds to Speak with an American Accent:

5 Tips to Speak Like an American

1. The sound /r/

  1. This is the most important sound that makes the difference between American and British Accents. All the Rs must be rolled.. for this, you need to keep the tongue back. Do not let your tongue touch inside your mouth. Round your lips and push forward.Examples:Ride, Rabbit, Hard, Fire, CarolTongue twister challenge: Ryan rode the railway to Romania and meet Reese and Rowan in Rome.


2. The sound /t/

  1. We usually make a softer T… the Americans make it sound like a TH.. or the Hindi  ठExamples:Tree, Team, Tom, Twelve, Tray, TameTongue twister challenge: Terry and Tom told Tim they want to try twelve trays of tea


3. The sound /p/

  1. Put your lips together firmly, stop the air completely, then pop the lips open. Not a vocal sound.Examples:Pot, Peter, Pay, Play, Help, AppleTongue twister challenge: Peter wanted to help Patty make the apple pie so he put the pot on the stove top.


4. The sound /sh/

Touch the palate with the sides of the tongue and release the air slowly through the passageway formed down the center of the tongue. This is NOT a sound made with your voice.


Sugar, Sure, Mention, Chef, Chicago, Ocean

Tongue twister challenge: She wished she had mentioned about the shoes to the chef


5. The sound /K/ /C/

Bring the back of the tongue to the velum, stop the air completely and then release with a voiceless sound.


Cat, Clean, Crazy, Kettle, Kean

Tongue twister challenge: The crazy cat cleaned the kettle and made a cup of caramel coffee.


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