200 BM Daily Vocabulary #95 | introspect

Today’s word is: introspect – introspect means: to examine or analyze your own thoughts or ideas; think over some idea or incident in depth.


In this English vocabulary lesson, you will learn how to use the word introspect. We are sure that this ESL lesson will help you to enhance your English vocabulary and speak English fluently and confidently.


The word introspect expresses an action of analyzing and thinking over own thoughts or ideas. For example, after making a formal announcement about something, the person introspects whether he did the right thing.


Listen carefully on how we can use the word introspect in 8 different situations in 8 different sentences.


Example number 1 of 8: After a proper introspection, the CEO issued a circular that the staff should avoid coming to the office on holidays. He felt that this would ensure a proper work-life balance.


Example number 2 of 8: Sheena’s mother refused to let her join the dance classes. She wanted Sheena to spend more time studying. But, later, she introspected over her decision and gave permission.


Example number 3 of 8: The challenge for the architect was to design a modern housing complex and yet retain the values of togetherness. He made several drafts, introspected and then finalized the design.


Example number 4 of 8: Mr. Khare was invited to be a guest speaker at the local gathering of Parijat society. He met the residents a day before the event. He understood their sentiments and after a thorough introspection prepared the speech for the next day.


Example number 5 of 8: Om meditation center enrolls only ten students per batch for their course. The course includes one full day of complete silence. This allows the participants to introspect about their thought processes and personal lives.


Example number 6 of 8: Mrs. Bhat was made the class teacher of division 3, which had academically weaker students. Given this responsibility, she introspected over her teaching methods and prepared a plan of action to guide the students.


Example number 7 of 8: The children often get influenced by the behavior pattern of their parents. This means the parents must introspect regularly if they are setting the right example for their children and act accordingly.


Example number 8 of 8: The number of visitors visiting the EW amusement park was stagnant (means at the same level) for the last three months. The owner and his senior team held an off-site meeting to introspect over the marketing strategies attempted so far.


Today we learned the word introspect which means to examine or analyze your own thoughts or ideas; think over some idea or incident in depth.

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