BM Speaker’s Club Speak to Inspire

Club Activities

 Deliver on-spot speeches
 Prepared Presentations
 Conduct mock-meetings
 Share useful feedback
 Social Interactions

About BM English Speaking

3,75,000 professionals
trained in English Fluency in last 15 years
200+ Corporate Clients
Ranked #1 on Google

It is a complete course in English fluency that helps you be effective in business interactions, interviews, presentations, emails and day to day formal communication.


 12,000/- ₹ 1000 For 6 months Special Discount

Why Us?

 Become an Confident Communicator
 Master grammar and develop vocabulary
 Learn time management skills
 Develop active listening skills
 Groom Your personality
 Learn to share positive and helpful feedback
 Communicate to Inspire
 Build leadership skills
 Develop friendship with ambitious professionals
 Be a part of the Learning Community
 Opportunities to take up club Leadership positions

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For personal and professional success, English is the key.
Enhance it for faster results!