Four simple and Easy Ways to Read and Understand English

Ramesh came to Mumbai from Bihar. He left his education owing to financial problems in the family. Now he is working at a small company as an office boy. But the problem comes when he has to read or write something in English. As he has not taken the education, he faces problems in writing and reading basic English sentences. He gets stuck while filling the invoices and simple forms. He does not even have the ability to read and understand English WhatsApp messages. Ramesh is ambitious and he knows that his family is dependent on his income. Hence, it is very important that he develops English skills so that he can increase his earnings. But the question Ramesh is asking is – How do I improve my Comprehension Skills?

So here are Four formulas for English comprehension.

  1. English reading – Pick up anything that interests you and starts reading. You can read stories, newspapers, comics or anything that you like. To improve English, a lot of reading is important. It helps you gain your vocabulary. Reading gives you the input about how language works. When you start, you may not understand the meaning of words. Use mobile app of
  2. English listening – Listening is one of the most important skills needed to learn English. We spend a lot of time listening. While listening, knowingly as well as unknowingly you understand how the sentences are made. How the words are used. You also understand different accents. Your listening skills will have a great impact on the process of learning English.
  3. English writing – Yes you are right, writing is also quite important. When you start writing something, your mind starts asking questions. Writing allows you to understand where you stand. Start by writing 10 small sentences every day. You can write about your plan of the day, things you are thankful for or anything you wish to write. The idea is that you write few sentences every day. It will help you clear minor doubts like the uses of conjunctions, prepositions, and articles.
  4. English Speaking – This is the most important part when you are learning to read, understand and speak English. Speak wherever you get a chance. Talk as much as you can in English. Call customer care centers, ask questions to the salesmen in the malls, talk to strangers and ask them any address. Speaking every day will surely help you to learn and comprehend the English language. Small steps every day will take you to your destination.

Here at BM English speaking institute, we understand the importance of English comprehension. We have designed our course material in such a way, that you start enjoying all the activities needed to comprehend the English language.

[Sample Check to train you on Writing Cheques]

Our trainers are trained to help you read, understand and speak fluent English with confidence. Our training methods are helpful for students, housewives, working professionals and everybody else who wants to comprehend English texts like vouchers, to fill forms and invoices in English, to be able to present himself/herself in front of people.


[Sample lesson from our Course Book for Comprehension]


Once there was a farmer who lived with his wife in a village. They had a little son and they loved him very much. One evening when the farmer returned home from work, he brought with him a tiny little mongoose. He told his wife that the little mongoose would grow up and be a pet for their son. The baby and the mongoose both grew quickly. But in five or six months the mongoose was fully grown, while the farmer’s son was still a baby.

The mongoose was a lovely animal. He had two shining black eyes and a long bushy tail. One day, the farmer’s wife wanted to go to the market. She fed her son and put him to bed in his little cradle. Then she took her basket and was ready to go. Before leaving, she told her husband, ”I am going to the market. The baby is asleep. You must be careful. I do not like leaving the child alone with the mongoose.” “Please don’t be afraid,” said the farmer. “Our pet is as sweet and loving as our baby.” Then the farmer’s wife went to the market.

The farmer, too, went out for a walk. He did not return home for some time. His wife came back with a basketful of groceries. She found the mongoose sitting outside as if waiting for her. As soon as he saw her, he ran to welcome her. But the farmer’s wife saw blood on his face and paws. “You have killed my son!” cried the woman. And with all her strength she struck the mongoose with her heavy basket.

She then ran straight to the child’s cradle. She found the baby still fast asleep.
But on the floor, below the cradle, lay a black snake, torn and bleeding. The farmer’s wife realized what had happened. She ran out looking for the mongoose. “You killed the snake!” she cried, “You saved my child.” But the mongoose lay still. He could not hear her. The basket had hit him on the head. The farmer’s wife was sad she had acted so hastily. With tearful eyes, she bent down and looked at the mongoose.

We believe in practical learning. You get a book full of the samples of bank cheques, invoices, forms and much more. You practice filling them here with us. We also have a separate book full of small stories to enhance your reading skills. You get the platform to speak English without any fear. So what are you waiting for? Join us and give a new direction to your life.